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Monday, February 19th 2018. | Kindergarten Worksheet

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A Story that Will Make You Stronger, Braver, and Wiser Seeing Your Problems

For you who love to listen to a story, you may be willing to read this awesome story. No doubt, you will get it inspirationally and it will change the way you look your problems. Anyway, you can also try to get more story if you access mabelandzora. Yes, there will be some tips on how you can change your hobbies into dollar creators and so on. Alright, here the story  that will enlighten you!

You know, most people have troubles in your life and in this case, you must get stress because of thinking about them. Well, you don’t have to worry because you are not the only one. Once upon a time, a son was complaining about his life to his father. And, the father asks his son to do something. In this case, he wants his son to get a glass of water. And also, he asks him to get the jar of salt on the table. And the next, the father puts two spoons of salts on the glass of water. And, the father asks his son to drink the water.

Of course, the son can hardly drink it because it is too salty. Without giving any explanation, his father asks his son to go outside. While carrying the jar of salts, both of them go to a road with full of plants. Through the short trip, the son enjoys the scenery. And, they arrived at a beautiful lake that offers the beauty of the sky, water, and the purity of the nature.

And then, the father asks his son to pour the rest salts inside the jar into the lake. The son has no idea about his father’s request. And, he started to pour the salts into the lake. For the next, the father asks his son to drink the water from the lake. And, he asks how the taste of the water. The son can drink well as it doesn’t taste salty. But, he kept confused as the father didn’t give him any explanation.

Well, if you take the value from the story, you must get to know that the salt is the representative of your problem. Meanwhile, the water here is the mind that holds the problems. As you can see, everyone has the same portion of the problems. Yes, you cannot say that his problems are bigger from me and so on. Yes, your problem and other people problem are just the same. It is just a matter of your perspective in seeing the problems themselves.

Here, if you be the glass, you may get the small perspective in seeing your problem. You may be overthinking and cannot accept your problem, moreover solve them. As a result, you must get your problem salty or suffering for you. And, it will make you can hardly breathe.

It is different from the way you look like the like. Yes, you must be wide and stop your overthinking. Here, you must understand why the problem happens and why you should leave it or solve it. By being like the lake, you will let your problems will be and you will be able to get some solutions with your mind opened. And, you will not feel any salty again as you know what you face. In short, your problems portion is just the same as other people on this planet. You should not get burdened and now, you can breathe well. Enjoy!

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